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Okay. I've been trying to get help from in-game tickets, but its not working.

Basically, my connection to Swtor is always really bad.

^Notice the little bar by the map. Its almost always at one or two bars; only occasionally at three or four, letting me play lag-free.

My FPS is also usually down at 20-ish; and from what I understand, thats bad.

I THOUGHT that getting cable internet would solve my problems, since I'm a tad far from the source of interwebs... but then I remembered I had a perfect connection during beta.

Can anyone help me out here?

Edit- And yes, I usually do have most everything in the background closed. That is, unless messengers count too.
Try going to the options and setting the graphics presets to HIGH then ONLY turning off shadows and unchecking bloom. It worked for me and my computer isn't exactly top of the line.