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Not to call you out SR cause this isn't your issue, its the internal QA division's issue, but seriously, why do you even have to go find a response for this?

I reported this issue IN BETA when it occurred in the build that it occurred in and I've got the ticket number in my CS History to prove it.

I reported the issue just after release via another CS Ticket, with all the information as shown in the thread linked in my signature and got the standard "Thanks for reporting this we will send this on to one of our specialized teams...." responses which is the exact same response I got on the original bug report I submitted on this issue in beta.

If you don't have an answer to this carved into the wall next to you by now, then someone hasn't been doing their job in CS/QA/Debug, because they've had well over a MONTH since this bug became evident in the final beta build to "come up with an answer".

And we still don't have an answer.

And if your answer tomorrow is "We've decided to lock texture resolution to help make performance better for everyone!" I will log into this website and drop my subscription cause what texture resolution I personally use has nothing to do with overall performance for other peoples clients.

Seriously, I won't pay 15 bucks a month when there are Free to Play games with better graphics. To be frank TOR was the only reason I fell back into the MMO briar patch and if you all don't fix this problem and stop acting like you have no idea whats caused it and stop playing dumb with the community I am very quickly going to extricate myself from the briar patch once more and I could care less what happens to this game after that.
Not to sound rude but you sound like your just looking for any reason to drop your sub so go ahead......

I have a feeling as well as you do that it's not gonna be the answer your hoping for if it was an easy fix the textures would already be in simple as that we all know it.....

And being catty and rude isn't really gonna help them get it in any quicker maybe you think so but sorry to tell you it wont.....
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