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Looking at your spec I noticed you had 32 points in Shield instead of the usual 31/8/2 split I see for most tanking builds and just had a couple of questions.

Is Neural Overload worth the point? Does Ion cell proc enough to make it worthwhile?

Why didn't you take Rebraced Armor? It seems like more armor would always be a good thing.

Is smoke grenade worthwhile in PvP?

Thanks for streaming these matches. They're great for growing Vanguards.
I like Neural Overload alot, it allows my Hammer Shot to snare which is nice.

Rebraced Armor: Its just a matter of preference. I would take it until you have a full set of pvp gear. I drop it because I like having the points elswhere since I'm already basically unkillable.

Smoke Grenade: To be honest I don't know. I keep it for the chance that it does work in pvp.

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Also enjoying the vids, keep em coming. I'm learning a lot just by watching your movements and what not.


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These videos are awesome. Thanks for posting. Can't believe how much you can survive.

Sure thing, thanks for watching.