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I am Marauder near 49 lvl and using Malavar. I cant beat him, wasted like 60k on repairs already. This guy Force Chokes you, while creating AOE righ under you, throws some dark energy which takes like half of your health, and he uses Force Lightning like Psionic Storm from Starcraft 1. There is no way to interrupt even half of it thanks to cooldown. And healing can't overweight the damage all the time to take away his 28k, since you can't stay on one place.

I know how this guy works now. He using a deadly consequence od actions:
1. Force Choke you and your companion. (Thus no healing)
2. At the same time open AOE right under you.
3. After Force Choke - summon Lightning and blast you with dark energy.

When this cycle happens 1 time, you save yourself by your unstun ability and a medpack + you had almost full hp before.
When 2 times come - everything is on cooldown, and your health is not that great. If you are
lucky, the blast (stage 3) will kill you. If you are not, Force Choke will.
I tried not to let him use the Choke, but it seems he will use it anyway.
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