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For PVP Max durability you list:
Max durability builds: Expertise > Defense Rating > Crit > Power = Surge > Shield Rating > Accuracy > Alacrity

What do you hate about Shield Rating exactly? It's a great stat.
There are several reasons why Shield and therefore Shield Rating isn't that useful for PVP.

Shield is calculated after Defense. I.e. avoidance is checked first, then mitigation.

As I wrote in the Guide:
- Shield applies to weapon damage
- Shield does not apply to Kinetic damage
- Shield does not apply to Elemental damage

My guess is that Shield does not apply to Energy or Internal damage either.

Which basically means that Shield only mitigates a limited number of attack abilities.

EDIT (2012/01/19): What I wrote above isn't the full / correct picture. Read this to understand how Defense and Shield work and the implications for PVP:
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