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01.09.2012 , 04:17 PM | #109
After a few levels in Madness instead of Deception the spec and rotation is clearer so I thought I'd share my observations in case others have similar questions to mine.

I'd call the playstyle more of a, "proc priority," than a rotation. I find myself using force abilities to proc Exploitive Strikes, then melee abilities to proc Raze. This is where Force Lightning comes in, by the end of it Exploitive Strikes is almost always up.

As for Duplicity vs 2 points Dark Embrace, 3 points Electric Execution: I'm guessing for endgame where you're running with a tank the main target will always be turned towards the tank, so you'll have the opportunities to Maul. Considering you almost always have Exploitive Strikes up it's going to crit a lot so its damage probably outweights the extra 3% from Dark Embrace. Can someone who has played the spec in the guide compare these two builds? Do you find yourself out of Force to the point where you'd want to start the fight with essentially a free Death Field as well as an on-demand Force refill via Force Cloak?