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Yet they were still thrust upon the throne and given power(no matter how little) were they not? Thats where it really divides though and where real life logic has no purpose. For all we know in the SWU they run things differently and each planet has its own set of laws, so I don't see how its much of a stretch Padme could hold power.
it's not that it's a stretch that she could be a queen who came into power but it's a stretch that she was ELECTED to RULE an ENTIRE PLANET and actually given the power to make CRITICAL DECISIONS DURING A WAR.

It's on the level of how horrible the staff of Hogwarts is at their job. "Oh hey some evil dark monster is here to try and kill people let's let Harry Potter take care of this" or "Yeah you guys will compete in a contest where you could all die and we are not going to intervene at all." Then they are all shocked when one of the students is killed.