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01.09.2012 , 03:48 PM | #19
When they added the CU and NGE they made the biggest error in MMO history. They killed 70% of their playerbase by removing pretty much everything that made the game fun. And without consulting with what the players really wanted, which was actual bug fixing. All they said before the major screw up was "these additions will make the game better". Guess thats what developers call making a suicide move. Me and my 3 friends canceld 12 subs total when the patch rolled out. Most of my guild members canceld 2-4 each aswell lol.

And stop talking about the swgemu, its still in alpha(might be beta now but still) state. They have been working hard as hell on it for around 4++ years. They are building their own engine for it just so they cant get copyright sued from hell. Everything is built from scratch with just the textures taken since you can apperently take those. And they dont pick out a salary ie, it takes the time it takes.