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Would it be possible to inject a PvP warzone map into a PvE raid instance? The idea is for PvP "strike teams" to take the place of adds in a major boss fight. The intent is to make major boss encounters epic experiences on a level more commensurate with how the movies and books portrayed them.

Player PvP experience levels & commendations could determine strike team grouping as well as which raid mode the PvP party would participate in. The PvP side could have a PvE Strike Team queue. Once full it would then stand fast in the queue (like every other queue in every other MMO that has one) until a raid party reached the appropriate point in the instance. At that point both sides would view a short cut scene (strike team landing and unloading) followed by avatars loading in.

A short timer then counts down to go-time and wham . . . instant fireworks. The raid has to defeat not only player-controlled adds packing serious attitude, but the boss as well. The encounter would be fluid and unpredictable, and would last until the raid party wins. If the strike team wins and the raid wipes, the strike team regroups at a game-controlled rally point while the raid recovers. Strike teams with insufficient PvP players would have their ranks filled with heroic AI if incomplete or there are player drops. If no PvP strike teams were available then the PvE raid would proceed against the boss encounter and its heroic adds as it normally would.

Additional social and rep commendations could be awarded for raid incursion victories (PvP) or raid incursion defenses (PvE) as well.

I realize there are a lot of things that have to happen for this to work - like working queues and having enough players on both sides. Might even entice players who would normally not PvP to sign up for some pwnage. The thought of crashing an opposing faction's end game raid party has to sound tasty to some!

Anyway, I'm sure there are others dreaming stuff up as well and thought it might be cool to hear them.
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