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No idea where this would be posted..
I'll just get right into it:

Location: Something freaky, similar to Peragus, Darth Sion's ship, the academy on Malachor V..

Interesting Obstacles: Some parts are entirely dark, Force Users can sense auras and tech users receive Night Goggles..
Some parts are flickering (Grudge tiem..)..
Some parts are entirely lit up..
Some parts switch between all three (Maybe different phases of a boss!)

If not in space, maybe some parts are outside..
If it's daylight and the inside is done well there should be a great shift as players KNOW they're outside..
Kind of like that shift when you're in your dark room for hours and then you walk outside when it's sunny and it burns so you go back inside!

If in space, maybe spanning across multiple ships..
Such as whatever you're there to investigate makes it onto your ship..
Possibly some of the group has to go outside for certain things..

Enemies: Many things can fit really, even Zombies! Whatever it is there should definitely be a kind of stealthy version of them.. Something the force users can't see the aura for so it relies on the tech users to point them out..

If it's something primitive, DO NOT give them guns..........
It's Star Wars... So I'm sure if they're Mass Effect Husks of the Dark Side they won't have any problem shooting lightning (and possibly lighting up the room to reveal more!)

Something that can turn all of the lights back on, but maybe it will kill the reserve power so it will only last for a little bit before EVERYTHING goes dark.. (Maybe you'll have to put on space suits for air if in space!)

Possibly bringing back some sort of technology/research or destroying it..

Cool Cinematics are always cool IMO (Such as, locked door... Agent wins the roll, he gets to 'unlock' it in whatever way Bioware likes!)

This is all I can think of for now..
The thoughts you have during your morning smoke+coffee...

That's fine if no one likes the idea..
I thought it was cool.
- : D
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