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I would definitely like to see more depth added to the space missions and less repetitive missions. Taking the exact same mission and upping the difficulty is not compelling game design and I know Bioware has the awesome creative team to do better than that!

Here are a few suggestions I have:

Add multiple paths/choices to missions so that we can at least vary it up as we repeat these missions. Let us decide between some different courses of action during the flight so we can mix things up. Choosing could be as simple as a conversation pop up (though that might be awkward since the mouse pointer also controls ship movement). Or if decisions are limited to just two options they could also just make it a simple "steer left" for choice A "steer right' for choice B.

If each mission was made up of 2 - 3 decision points like that I think they would be a lot more fun and interesting especially on multiple play throughs. And if some decisions earned light side and dark side points that would be even better.

Second, throw in some planet-side flying missions. There were some great examples of ground missions in the old Rogue Squadron games. I mean, who doesn't want to swoop through canyons in mid-air dogfights?

Third, incorporate some of the space mission into the planetary, and maybe even flashpoint, story lines. Sure, they can still be optional missions (maybe tacked on as bonus missions) so those who don't care for the gameplay can skip them but they'd add so much more to the story telling.

Lastly, multiplayer space missions are a must. I'm mostly picturing it as the current play style but with each player having a distinct path they take through the level. The paths would occasionally cross, and even line up for short periods (such as a combined run on big capital ship).

While I'd love to see something more in-depth in multiplayer missions (such as actually speccing ships like you do players for defense, healing/repair, or damage and running like an actual group) but the separate but overlapping paths is probably the most feasible.
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