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What's the point of having hard mobs, if there are stations that make the mobs do less damage. If the intent is to make it easier, why not just downgrade the mobs. This quest is pretty difficult. I haven't had any trouble with any solo quest until this.
Level 37 sage here, just learning the "joys" of this quest chain. This large of a difficulty bump, while leveling, for a non-heroic class quest is easily the dumbest thing I've encountered in this game.

Springing a quest on us at level 37 where none of our previous tactics are viable is not fun in the context of just trying to level.

Also, the less damage buff doesn't apply to your companion, which is even more stupidity, considering a good number of Consulars are probably using Qzen.

This is seriously just sucking the fun out of trying to level and enjoy my class quest.