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01.09.2012 , 12:08 PM | #6
easiest fix for this from having done it every night on various ppl is simply invite 1 at a time and enter operation or flashpoint b4 u invite the next ,, then ull know who's bugged .. once someone cant enter remove and keep inviting the others .
Right ur now at the stage 1-2 or more ppl werent allowed in .
Get the bugged ppl to drop all ops quests and invite a random person to a party with them ,,,ie someone not going to the operation.a guildy etc , low lvl whatever. Then as they will be leader of a party get them to rclick their portrait and reset all instances . As they will be the party leader of their group it works .they also need to drop any daily flashpoint quest they have which they didnt finish .
After that relog and voila ,, FIXED.
iF that fails ,, the person in question has failed to follow the instructions . Had it 1 time that a guildy had to repeat the proceadure 2 times but nonetheless it ultimately worked .
This is a workaround for the problem that i know works and others have said the same ,, its just a nuisance atm more than an absolute raid killer .. needs a fix which is comin but atleast we can get to the bosses and watch them bug out instead of us buggin out at the front door for 2hrs (like my first raid i started)