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01.09.2012 , 11:24 AM | #2
My guild ran an op this weekend and I had the loot set to Master loot.

When we killed the Rancor boss and he dropped his loot I looted him and could see all the gear and I could right click assign gear to anyone if we were doing loot cancel.

However, the master loot also appears to auto assign loot based off of class and spec and the people can right click and get what they were assigned.

Real World Example.
The boss dropped
1 Heavy Armor Armstech recipe
1 Jedi Knight Tanking gloves
1 Jedi Knight Tier Token
and 1 other piece that I do not recall.

I was the masterlooter, but when anyone else in the raid looked at the loot they could see a name next to the loot for each piece and that person could right click the loot and it would go to them.

I tanked on a JK Guardian and we had a JK Sentinel DPS. The tank gloves were assigned to me and the tier 2 token was assigned to the Sent. It basically gave us each a piece of gear.

There were 2 armstech guys one was a GS and the other a Commando. The commando was assigned the recipe.

A final piece dropped I do not recall what it was, but it went to the appropriate person in the group.

However, I could just tell my guild not to loot and assign it anyway.

That is how it worked for me in practice does anyone else have anything else have any of their own experiences to share?