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My question is what are you doing with Alacrity as a Sage? I have found it useless for Sage/Sorc with crit/surge being worlds more helpful considering the regen mechanic we have relying on crit. Stacking up haste will just burn through our force that much sooner. Though I don't like to rely on crit as a healer, the crits we do get help a great deal in pinch moments too (nothing like a 5k crit heal when you're tank is getting low).
I haven't had issues with Alacrity causing me to use Force faster. In fact, it gets my heals "off" faster which gives me more breathing room. I tend to spend more time not casting because of the Alacrity. That said, I'll be looking for Crit/Surge to replace it when possible, but I'm not going to stick with lower gear just to cleave to this bizarre idea that having Alacrity will somehow force me to run out of Force.