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Can anyone expand upon the Artifice bit? I was thinking Artifice made lightsabers and some other things, is that incorrect? How is it comparable to a JC-like crafting skill? Is it primarily concerned w/ making item enhancement type things?
You can craft crystals and hilts to mod your lightsaber. You can craft enhancements to mod all weapons and armor. You can craft shields which are offhand items useful for most tanking advanced classes (guardian, juggernaut, powertech, vanguard). And it looks like at high levels you can craft relics (like trinkets in WoW). It doesn't look like you craft actual lightsabers though. I would say cybertech is more like WoW's jewelcrafting than anything. I played a guardian in beta with artifice. I found it useful, but like any crew skill, you have to level it along with your character to reap the benefits of the items you craft.