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01.09.2012 , 09:23 AM | #12
There were many great elements of SWG but there were also some fatal flaws. First it was ridiculous to limit each player to one (then two) character per server. They had a good idea with making Jedi difficult to obtain. But when I finally unlocked my Jedi, I was annoyed that the new character had to start over rather than be the main character I had been playing all along. And once the recipe for unlocking a Jedi was made public, eventually everyone would have one, negating what they intended. And the permadeath made it not fun to play.

So they felt they needed to do something and they went with the CU and NGE, which pissed off their customers. Over time (years) they repaired that damage but they had already permanently lost a big chunk of players. They stopped marketing the game in stores and tried to increase revenue by getting more from their existing customers via that horrible trading card game.

Everyone likes something different but I prefer the open world to following a set path. I really don't care about a story or voice overs. Maybe someone else thinks those things are great. I think it's just decoration and not really the game itself. We'll see how long this game retains my interest - hopefully for a long time.