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"Well geared" typically means to be as close to fully equipped from the previous tier of gear as possible. For hard modes I would say this to be about ~116 gear rating across the board for the starter hard mode flashpoints. I do not play Republic, but I am going to assume Esseles to be comparable to Black Talon.

I am assuming your group composition is good (ie. your healer is actually properly healing specced) and your current issue is on survivability (you have no mention of hitting enrage timers yet).

With that in mind, one issue would be that your group is not dealing with a mechanic on the fight properly. For example, second boss of Black Talon has probes that need to be kited out or they will do unmanageable damage to the group. In general, try to interrupt *everything* possible.

If all that is accounted for, then the only weak link point left is on your healer's skill level.