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Many of the greatest rulers in real life were that young, and/or not that much older, just something to keep in mind.

Padme Amidala was elected Queen at 13 years of age, I believe and served two consecutive "terms" on the throne. In Naboo culture it became customary for the -monarch's- to retire from politics in their 20's. Naboo's political system changed significantly after a war they fought where the throne was left vacant after a series of horrible King's that had inherited the throne, and a general in the army was elected by the people and military to serve as Queen during the war and after in order to restore order and pass reforms to prevent the conflicts from happening in the future, one such reform being the Monarch themselves being limited to 2 terms on the Throne, unless an ammendment was passed by their parliament. Naboo was a hereditary monarchy before that point, like Alderaan, Grizmalt, and all the other "royal" planetary civilizations and systems. Naboo was colonized by Grizmaltian's (the humans in which the Naboo are descended from) under order of Queen/Empress Elisnoire Den Tasia, and eventually some situation happend where Naboo and Grizmalt became disassociated, thus Naboo becoming independent. All of their rulers were young, it seemed to be a trend even in the beginning of their independence from Grizmalt, so it makes sense that they kept that tradition through the years. The Naboo favor female rulers ever since the Kings of Naboo kept ruining everything, so ever since the reforms you would rarely see both an older monarch, or a male one. Don't forget that the Queen's are counsuled by adults on just about everything, and the idea of the Queen's being so young probably comes from the mentality that young people think with their hearts and use their feelings and compassion, and their passion for equality, thus maintaining the Naboo way of life.

I'm curious where Naboo is politically in this era, I believe it's still under the rule of Grizmalt, and Elsnoire if I read the timeline correctly.