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I'm not trying to take content away from other players, my second suggestion in fact lets everyone experience the content in whichever way they want. What's wrong with that?
Just that it would totally trivialize the content. Why get a four-man group together if you can do it with two?

Some content comes with prerequisites. For normal quests, there's a minimum level. For four-mans, you need a group to do them at-level (though I've found they're doable in most cases with a two-man group already -- my gaming buddy and I have done every one up through Alderaan as a duo, though I've done most of them in four-man groups on other characters).

And they can be skipped if you don't like that level of difficulty. What you're asking for is that these heroics be gimped so that you don't have to meet the prerequisites. I don't think they need to be gimped at all, and that you're essentially asking for content other people enjoy to be butchered because you don't like that particular playstyle. Well, there's a ton of content out there that does cater to your playstyle. Don't destroy mine because you're not willing to meet the requirements to do it, or can't hande the difficulty. Just drop them and move on. Wait until you're higher level and solo them. Or, maybe even better, try something different for a change and go do them with a group.
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