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Please, no. I like the relatively few 4-man heroics a lot.

This is definitely a case of "if you don't like them, don't do them." Don't ask to have content taken away from other players just because you don't personally appreciate it.
I think you missed my point. I want to do these heroic quests but finding groups for some Heroic 4's, such as the one in the Alderaan bonus series, is near impossible and even if you do find a group you've likely wasted an extremely long time looking for people. I realize some people such as yourself would prefer to keep things the way they are now which is why I posted compromises, rather than just saying "GET RID OF THEM I DONT LIKE".

I'm not trying to take content away from other players, my second suggestion in fact lets everyone experience the content in whichever way they want. What's wrong with that?

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your asking bioware to get rid of content? wow this game is a lose-lose for bioware. it seems every thing they do comes with complaints. EVERYTHING

some people just cant be happy
I don't remember asking Bioware to remove content? I also don't see the problem with complaining, I like a lot of things about TOR but I'd rather give feedback and make this game better than tell Bioware that they're perfect.