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01.08.2012 , 08:17 PM | #1
What the title says. I don't hate heroic quests, in fact I've find it quite fun doing all these group quests while leveling up! What I do hate however is spamming general chat, scouting /who and being forced to either leave them or abandon them when I have no luck finding anyone. This problem will be even worse when everyone's mains hit 50 and the leveling craze is over.

What are the solutions?
- Remove or drastically cut down the amount of Heroic 4 quests and make them Heroic 2 instead.
- Toggable difficulty setting for certain quests, letting you choose between soloing or doing it as a group. The group difficulty could have added rewards on top of social points to encourage people.
- Cross-server grouping for heroic quests. I know, never going to happen but it does work. Leveling up dungeons in WoW were mostly dead until LFD came along.