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01.08.2012 , 03:46 PM | #3
As the healer in my 2-man group, I would absolutely love a RTS-type system for companions. If my only job during a fight is healing, my companion will not attack anything unless I specifically tell it to, or if I attack first, and then it will only attack the mob that I've attacked and no additional ones after the first one dies. Constantly telling my companion who to attack takes away from very valuable healing time. If I could somehow queue up targets (like in a RTS), it would make things so much easier. Also, like the OP suggested, being able to click-to-move my companion around and out of the range of aoe would be very helpful. Companions are always oblivious to aoe, making them more of a liability than a help.

Another complaint I have is that companions often ignore crowd controlled mobs. They'll never attack directly, but there have been many times where I cc a mob, the companion uses an aoe, and the cc breaks, usually wiping us. I could micromanage all my companion's attacks, but again, that takes away valuable time that should be used for healing, especially if the fight is difficult enough to have to use cc or wipe.

I understand that companions are not meant to be a replacement for a real, intelligent human, but they should NOT be a hinderance and a liability.