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... so, myself and a friend have been trying, with varying degrees of success, to duo flashpoints with just us and companions. And no, not at level, but before they turn grey on us.

The conclusion we drew from doing so is - Flashpoints may be successfully 2-manned _if_ one of the PCs is a healer. Sadly, I play Assassin, he plays Powertech, so healing is left up to companions. And it works most of the time, except when it suddenly doesn't, which inevitably leads to mounds of frustration.

Vide, Athiss and the homing fire mechanics of the last boss encounter.

Similarly, for some reason during the 2nd boss encounter in the Foundry (you know of whom I speak, meatbags), companions who were otherwise perfectly content with sitting on their asses and keeping our health up suddenly and inexplicably decided to try and close with said boss. Whereupon said boss wiped first one, then the other, with AOE before we could as much as Passive them back and away.

Either case could have been avoided if only there were some way to actually _direct_ the companions other than simply setting stances and whether they're to follow (in which case they quite leisurely _walk_ towards you, in mid-battle ...) or attack a particular target/use an ability. Something as simple as being able to set a single waypoint for them, even.

Well, it's just something to consider. As for me and my comrade, we'll probably end up grabbing an actual healer from somewhere for our next attempt, but we're sort of bummed about the fact that we'll have to.

Does anybody else have companion woes relating to FPs to share?