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01.08.2012 , 02:13 PM | #376
A tool is a wrench. A recount is to help the player's can't be bothered. All it does is tell TOP DPS. Does it tell you about that dps who jumped in front of the healer to save him and LOST HIS DPS for that. No. This argument a tool? nothing more then an over hyper crutch. A game does not need this.

I am able to tell what DPS I am doing. Believe it or not I already know my own routnation and spec for myself. I know what gives the max damage. I don't need "easy mode" to pull up the list of numbers. It's simply disgusting you would try to bring a tool from wow into this game. This is a story driven game play.

Enjoy what you do have. Add on's are not needed. People are just withdrawing from cold turkey. It changes the game, every add on changes the game in some small way. I have played in everquest. We never had add on's like recount and we did FINE.