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And who are you to claim that people who want to beat a game every single time, are not having fun doing it? The only elitist here is you, and you can't even realize it. People have different opinions, respect them like we respect your "casual" view of games.

If "casuals" like you don't want us "elitists" to interfere with your "casual" gaming, then how about you "casuals" don't interfere with our "hardcore" gaming.

What boggles my mind, is that you "casuals" are the ones that WHINE THE MOST. So much for being a "casual".
It is the casual player base that drives a game. The elite "I have to smash content at the fastest pace possible" are the ones that cry, ***** and moan about content being too easy after the game is released for only 1 month. Meanwhile the casual player is happy with major content patches coming out only once every 6-9 months because we "play" the game.

We casuals are not interfering with your game play (if you can call it that) when we say no to addons. We are just trying to make it so that you are interested in the game for an extra week or two. Naw, I'm kidding. We actually do hope that people that suck all the fun out of the game leave as quickly as possible so that they don't whine BioWare into ruining the game by allowing third party addons.

Actually, real casuals rarely whine about anything. Why would we? We are too busy having fun instead of trying to beat the endgame content before anyone else does.