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@ValkyrStudios.... Awesome post! I totally agree. One thing I hated about WoW was not getting a group or getting kicked from a group because of my gear score. I was once kicked after a wipe for having the worst GS but i was last to die and was right below top DPS. I am a casual gamer and have been since EQ. I have a family and a job and don't feel the need to have the absolutely best of everything in a game. I'm here to have fun and meet some friends, to relax after a long crappy week at work. I don't need some kid telling me I can't possibly be good enough because I haven't had my guild carry me to get the best gear. I want to be judged by my own skill and not by an addon using "elitist" that can't carry their own weight without being given the best gear. I think part of the fun of the game is running something the first time blind. To bad too many people feel they have to beat a game every single time instead of having fun playing it.
And who are you to claim that people who want to beat a game every single time, are not having fun doing it? The only elitist here is you, and you can't even realize it. People have different opinions, respect them like we respect your "casual" view of games.

If "casuals" like you don't want us "elitists" to interfere with your "casual" gaming, then how about you "casuals" don't interfere with our "hardcore" gaming.

What boggles my mind, is that you "casuals" are the ones that WHINE THE MOST. So much for being a "casual".