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Many add-ons are tools. They can be used for good purposes and they can be used for bad ones. Starting out in a raiding guild in vanilla WoW I would have had a much harder time making the case that Marksman was a better spec for damage than Survival without damage meters showing me beating out hunters with much better gear than I had. As a class leader it was important to communicate with other hunters in my guild, but I couldn't really take the time to ask every hunter after every fight what sort of rotation they were using. Damage meters helped me see who was lagging and, based on what abilities they had been using that fight, helped me come up with suggestions to help them perform better.

Having something that actually shows performance helps guilds move from "I hope we all do something better next time than we did this time" to "stop standing in the fire and taking the healer's focus away from the tanks Jamuka!" Meters also help show if some prospective guild mate is playing well and some veterans are just having an off day or if the prospective guildie is doing poorly. Damage meters provide information without telling you anything about how to play. Some people will use that information to taunt or deride others, some people will use it to help improve themselves and the people they group with.

Hunters had way too many abilities they needed to have quick access to for the default UI to handle, and mods and macros helped reduce clutter and make it easier to use abilities. Macros let me put all my stings on one button with alt modifiers and ctrl modifiers and they let me put all my buffs on one button that activated all of them with one button. Add-ons put all my traps, aspects, and tracking abilities on single collapsible buttons instead of taking up 5 slots each.

Certainly there is taking things like add-ons too far, and what too far is varies from person to person. I think the whole minimum Gear Score requirement things that started cropping up shortly before I stopped playing WoW pretty absurd. The nice thing about a Massively Multiplayer Online RPG is that you DO NOT HAVE TO PLAY WITH PEOPLE WHO TAKE THINGS TOO FAR OR NOT FAR ENOUGH.
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