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I Play a Healing Trooper.. Ive got the 60 second Crowd Control Concussive Shot...

Ive ran Manda Raiders, a few times...... am i the only class in the game whom has a 60 second CC? Or am i the only one who realizes how much CC helps a healer? and thusly the only one who tries to use it?

Example.. the 2 big robots.. ones static the other patrols.... Tank Bonzai's in attacks both.. i CC the patrolling one.. he attacks it breaking CC.. after the fight... 1 of the DPS had died due to me struggling with heals trying to keep the blasted tank alive.. and i get chewed out?

Just seems like folks either Dont have CC abilities or Dont want to use them? OR Flat out ignore when a mob has been CC'd
No a few classes get them. You have to communicate with your party, mark your targets and tell them which one you're going to cc and so not to attack it. Then if they keep doing it leave the party, you're a healer, you'll find a new party quickly.