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name: Rems "Deadeye" Duncan

age: 44 standard years

spieces: human

homeworld: Corascaunt


weapons: 2 blaster pistols, light armor vest, vibroblade

affliction: Taris, Galactic Republic, Republic Army (formerly), Sith occupation (as planet confined prisoner)

biography: Rems was born on the planet of Corascaunt around the time of Exar Kun's war. From a young age, he displayed great skill handling a blaster. He was recruited by the Republic military during the Mandalorian Wars, in which he served as a Corporal in the standard army. By the time of Revan's betrayal, Duncan and his unit were not amongst the forces that joined with the Sith Lord, as they remained loyal to the Republic and under the direct control of the Admiralty. After witnessing his squad get torn apart by a vicious Sith Acolyte, Rems deserted and found himself on the planet of Taris, where he established himself as a duelist in the Arena. He was at the top for a while, but he wasn't as young as he used to be, and started to get beaten by younger duelists. In his last duel, he was bested by a new protigee, The Mysterious Stranger. Because of his recent ill-luck, Rems has been considering to go into retirement, however his plans would soon be interrupted by Darth Malak...