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01.08.2012 , 09:49 AM | #1
I Play a Healing Trooper.. Ive got the 60 second Crowd Control Concussive Shot...

Ive ran Manda Raiders, a few times...... am i the only class in the game whom has a 60 second CC? Or am i the only one who realizes how much CC helps a healer? and thusly the only one who tries to use it?

Example.. the 2 big robots.. ones static the other patrols.... Tank Bonzai's in attacks both.. i CC the patrolling one.. he attacks it breaking CC.. after the fight... 1 of the DPS had died due to me struggling with heals trying to keep the blasted tank alive.. and i get chewed out?

Just seems like folks either Dont have CC abilities or Dont want to use them? OR Flat out ignore when a mob has been CC'd