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Hi folks, since i couldn't find anything on this particular topic (neither here nor swtor.wikia nor torhead), i thought i might just ask =).

What's the current requirements for operations composition-wise? We currently play as a 4-man miniguild (IRL friends), a PT tank, SI healer, sniper and marauder DPSes. Obviously no difficulty managing flashpoints, but as we approach the endgame - there's a question of starting to raid. Obviously we'll need to recruit at least 4 another ppl for 8-man operations, and that's the first question -

1)How do the groups for 8-man (or 16-man for that matter) need to be composed? Does each need to be a separate independent strikeforce (tank-healer-dps), or should the 8-man function as a whole mostly (a tank group and a dps group for example?)

2)What's the "entry requirement" gear-wise? Should we first do some hard-mode flashpoints to get some gear, or can we start doing operations in the gear from non-hard flashpoints/custom (blue/orange/purple)?

3)What's the current situation in the raiding community, how do people cooperate (if any?). Do we have a realistic chance to join someone for an operation as a 4-man group (or find some1 to join us), to learn the mechanics et cetera, before recruiting people for our own raiding guild?