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The Jedi don't reject emotion. Do some actual research on the Code and its lore. They reject attachment, obsession and entitlement -- all feelings that love is extremely prone to causing.

The couple on Tython actually showcases why the rules make sense: the woman at least is already on a very slippery slope. Emotional out the wazoo, no control, no discipline. Lying. Telling others to lie for her. Blackmail. I don't remember if she actually threatens you, even? That's a whole battery of alarm bells ringing like crazy there. "K3wl rebels 4 luv" may look cutesy in and of themselves -- but could they be trusted with a superweapon, the ability to scramble your brains right out of your ears and all the authority that being a Jedi gives them? Force Sensitives are creepy enough when they have strong ethics and self-control. Take that away and you have a recipe for disaster.

And Jolee Bindo isn't someone I'd want to emulate on this issue, seeing as how badly he mucked up in his own love affair.
"Beware of the blindness of those who would follow,
and the damnable lure of those who would lead."
- Tamoko, Baldur's Gate