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What do you guys think would have happened if Anakin had died after losing to Obi-Wan?

Whether Obi-Wan decpaitated him or he simply just died before Sidious arrived, how do you think it would've played out?

I am still not sure Obi-Wan and Yoda together could defeat Sidious. What do you think?
Honestly. He made the right move. If Anakin had died the prophecy wouldn't be able to be fulfilled. What happened in return of the Jedi when Luke stood up to the Emperor? He was being tortured to death which caused Vader to interfere.

More importantly. I don't think Luke would have died at all.

Imagine for a moment he gets dragged into it by the droids/Obi Wan as in the movies. Then he finds out that Kenobi, not only lied about his father but "murdered." him as well. That makes some interesting material Sidious could use in turning Luke. It's very possible without Vader. Luke would have ended up the Emperor's apprentice or at the very least get killed off.

Sidious would NOT have been defeated. He'd just need another apprentice. He was more powerful than Vader. The rule of two existed for a reason. The apprentice is needed but not in that kind of sense. The apprentice is needed to keep the Sith going. An apprentice is needed to make the Sith stronger (by eventually surpassing the master.) without Vader the search for the successor would continue. It wouldn't change that Sidious owned the senet and the galactic empire. He didn't need Vader to enforce his rule.