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Sorry if this has been said or answered before I can't find a search function in the forum here but.... what ever happened to timeline videos that got released before this game came out?

The wiki page;, has it at 19 videos but officially I can only see 12. Is there some place where the other 7 videos are or did BioWare just stop releasing them? It would be a shame if they did 'cause I really enjoy watching and learning about the universe through them. Is the reason they're not released because it's somewhat of a spoiler to particular story arcs in SWTOR? Please I really want to know.

I'm not a fan of Star Wars.... at least I wasn't until Knights came out. Since then I was hooked on the Old Republic tale of the Star Wars universe. I hate the films, mainly 'cause it doesn't satisfy my sci-fi space movie needs, even with the newer trilogy. And so when someone mentions Star Wars, I think of the Knights games and the timeline surrounding it.

These videos has played a HUGE part into getting me to, not only further boost my interest for the Star Wars universe (at least the expanded universe) but to also appreciate SW as a whole, in general.... even the movies (I still hate them).

I know, boo me for liking the EU of Star Wars>SW movies.... but that's me and my interest.

So yeah, please someone tell me what happened to those videos

BTW: This can be a general thread about the timline leading up to TOR if there isn't one already. I would love to know what your thoughts on this EU are.