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Since a lot of people seem to be having trouble with a few of the hard mode bosses, I decided to start up a guide for them. In case your wondering if I am qualified for this, well... my guild and I have had very few problems with hard mode flashpoints, and have cleared all 6 of them countless of times by using the following strategies. Unfortunately, I cannot provide videos, as my computer cannot handle recordings.

If you have any suggestions for a specific boss, feel free to post it, and may include it.

So, how will this guide work? I will start off with 2 of the bosses I feel that people have the most trouble with. If you would like to make a request for another boss, feel free to post the request here, and I will include it into the guide.

Regarding Loot Chests: The answer is simple, and this seems to only apply to Boarding Party. If you wipe once or reset the boss once, the chest will not open. Simple. There is no "secret" kill order for any of the bosses in boarding party or a "secret" positioning of the boss. You got one shot, use it.

Boarding Party:

The Big Three:

Kill order: Chief -> Commander -> Medic. Why? Because if your dps wasn't as good as it should be, having the Medic enrage instead of the Commander is way more manageable, this is because the Medic is solely focused on your tank, and if your tank spreads his cooldowns, it will give your group a good chunk of extra time to kill him after the enrage. If you leave the Commander at the end and enrages, his missiles are just going to destroy your whole group.

Boss Positioning: Tank all 3 of them together. This is the best way to maintain aggro throughout the whole fight. Take note however, the Chief will charge someone at random and drop aggro on the tank. The best way to deal with this is for your tank to taunt it back. If taunt is on CD, don't worry, let the Chief beat on whoever he is on until you can taunt him back. He doesn't hit very hard, and its very easy to heal through.

Group Positioning:
This goes without saying, keep yourselves spread out, else the missiles will kill you. Pick a spot, and stick with it. If the Chief charges on you, DO NOT MOVE, take the damage, keep dpsing and let the tank taunt it back when he is able to. As for the tank, DO NOT CHASE the Chief either, stay where the Commander and Medic are, and taunt the Chief from there.

If you have a melee dps in your group, it can get a little tricky. But as long as you keep your distance from the tank and stand at max melee range, then the missiles won't hit both the tank and the melee dps. It is ok for the melee dps to chase the Chief to keep up dps, only if you keep your distance from the healer and any ranged dps in your group.

DPS: Follow the kill order, focus fire one by one. If you have AoE, use it, but not very often. We've been able to get both the Commander and the Medic below 75% by the time we killed Chief, and the Chief died pretty quick.

Healers: This is a very healing intensive fight, but it is doable. As long as the missiles aren't hitting 2 people at the same time, you should have no problems. If one of your dps is getting low on hp, ask him to use a medpack or a defensive cooldown if they have one.

Tanks: Just make sure you maintain aggro on the Commander and the Medic while taunting the Chief back to you. Do not chase, and believe or not, you are the best person in the group to interrupt the Medic's heals. Focus on interrupting the channeled heal (forgot the name), not the probe. Probe heals very little compared to the channeled one.

The Foundry:


The fight is very straightforward for the most part. The only tricky part is after the Lightning Storm. This is a dps race. Period. As soon as Revan pulls everyone in for his storm, BURN HIS *** DOWN! Don't run away, take the damage from the storm, it is very weak. Pop every relic, damage cooldown you have and burn him down.

The goal is to get him to around 20% before the second storm. With good dps, this is very doable. Any tank is able to survive the lightning force if he pops every tank cooldown he has.

After about 10 seconds of when he finishes his storm, the tank pops every cooldown he has (if you have a sniper, pop your red shield as well). He will then cast his lightning, make sure you interrupt it mid-way through. Your tank should survive, and if the dps was good enough, he will go into his rock phase. After that it's just a matter of burning him down before the next lightning.

NOTE: He may cast lightning force for the second time before going into rock phase. This only happens if your dps wasn't really good. However, if you timed your tank cooldowns correctly (10 seconds after the storm), then your cooldowns should be up for that second lightning force and be able to survive. Again, make sure you interrupt it.