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01.07.2012 , 05:16 PM | #96
I would like to point out that alot of encounters may seem melee unfriendly, there are definatly some encounters that are a major pain for me and my Sniper.

A very recent experience with the engineer boss in Boarding party HM, he is constantly doing knockbacks all over the place. This is a major ********* on my dps, interupting my long casts, or channeled attacks.

Similarly awefull is the last boss in BT (hm), her ranged pull ability is constantly interupting my abilities and casts. Especially awefull on the long-cooldown channels, getting it interupted just as i use it means my energy is gone, cooldown is up, damage is zero. Not to mention the short lasting proc (4.5sec) i lose with the running away, costs me the use of one of my strongest attacks.

And there are plenty other bosses and cases where i am moved, or forced to move. And as a caster dps this is a massive strain on my dps output. So the biggest issue with melee is rather that they take more damage and this make them more a risk of dying, great example being boarding party. Its not the lost dps that makes melee a poor choice, but the fact they take much more damage. And as a result are damn near impossible to keep alive.

Boarding party in specific needs some work, but the melee problem could be fixed with 1 single change. Fire bomb hits only 1 target and not aoe, done, melee and ranged are both equally adequate.