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I love the fact BW is trying to roll out some new content pretty quickly, but PLEASE fix the current content. I'll gladly wait an extra 4-6 weeks in 1 teir to have it TUNED, BUG FREE, and FUN.

Right now on empire side, we have 1 or 2 HM FP's that are doable. EV is considerably easier than BP, Foundry... Speaking of EV. How about you fix it before adding bosses to Karaggas palace. Wipe on turrets, first boss wont spawn. 2nd boss will randomly 1 shot members in and out of the operation. Council will also bug if you wipe on it, forcing you to reset the instance, at which point the speeders bug.

PLEASE fix what you have in game. 2 helping of "crap" still tastes like "crap", how bout you sweeten up what ya got first.....
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