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Nightmare Soa Kill kthnxbai?

Anyways, being 4/5 Nightmare mode myself in one night I will agree with you the HM's/NM modes are too easy, but we do need to remember this is the first tier of raiding and we can't expect the difficulty of a boss like Heroic 25 man LK in WoW or Heroic Ragnaros if you still keep up with the game. Yes, I got 3 Rakata tokens in one night as well.

Lets wait and see how the extended Karraga's Palace is on Nightmare before we continue to judge the first raid of a two week old game.
Did you ever raid in WoW or everquest? I dont recall tier 1 raids being so easy you could start them in greens without doing any hard modes. and clear the whole thing on the first try.
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