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I'm sure this has already been brought up. I'm just venting and proposing an idea.
I ran my guild last night through our first EV 8 man (which was jokingly easy, sure it's a little more difficult on Hard and NM modes). I switched to Master Loot before we entered the instance. We down first boss, go to loot and noticed player names on gear drops? I was like huh? I could not change the loot to anyone else besides the people that the game already names to loot such gear. I find this system incredibly INSANE. It looted an epic belt to me which was far from an upgrade to my crafted one. THIS HAS TO BE FIXED ASAP or you'll lose people to such an insane loot system. OR I could be retarded and not noticing an option to change.

I find this loot system good for pugs... NOT for guild ran raids. It should be a normal master loot system where guilds that have DKP or SK systems where the master looter can assign the gear too... PLEASE BIOWARE FIX THIS ASAP..

I recommend a "PUG" master loot setting and "GUILD" master loot setting.. Maybe when you enter an instance is notices guild tags for availible GUILD loot option..

What do you all think..

I disagree. I think it ends the loot tyranny of leetist guilds.
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