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ok so if this was already discussed before, i apologize in advance ...

but something is missing, and it finally dawned on me. Flashpoints ...

sure there are flashpoints on the space station, but what about the planets?!? i'm currently 33 and currently on Alderaan, and realized that each planet, although has its heroic areas, and heroic missions, it lacks something more substantial like Flashpoint missions.

so why hasn't BW put any in from the planets?

the station FPs are all given to me from the Jedi Counsel and are of importance to the Republic, but in this enormous universe there have to be critical things of importance to the individual planets personal, economical, and political growth.

if this MMO is to grow and survive, it needs to stretch its branches out in directions that do not follow the class story line.

maybe i;m worng, maybe i;m not seeing something yet, but so far its very linear and a linear designed MMO will not survive for very long.

thanks for letting me talk, enjoy the game