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What are your guys theories for the finale to Fate of the Jedi?

I think this will be the book that Jag takes up the mantle of Emperor. Him and Jaina, and Tahiri will found the imperial knights.

Honestly, more than anything, I would like for this book to be the end of Luke Skywalker. I know it can't happen, Lucas won't let it, but he doesn't necessarily need to die. Perhaps they will find some way to bind Abeloth, but the only way to do this is for Luke's spirit to keep her in check.

I also really hope that Vestara does not betray Ben. Surely, she will do something of great importance, but if there is to be some sort of confrontation between her and the other jedi, that could easily be saved for another time, in another series.

As for the Lost Tribe, I'm thinking that after being betrayed by Abeloth, and being revealed to the galaxy, they will hide, and find their way into the Order of the One Sith, thus helping explain their numbers in the Legacy timeline.

Also, we know there is a hardcover duology being made to take place after FotJ. What do you think this next big event will be? I had kind of hoped on a Rakatan resurgence, but now i'm thinking that's going to happen in the TOR timeline. It wouldn't make sense to have two concurrent timelines both dealing with their invasion. (Although Jacen's downfall did kind of happen along with materials being released regarding Anakin's downfall).