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As a former tester I can't say as only a limited number of people were ever able to test higher content, I wasn't one of them. Thats really no different than any other mmo, most raids in a variety of games in my experience rarely go past the internal testing phase before going live. I'ts also why in almost any raid there are dead spots, agro exploits, uncompletealbe objectives ect ect. IMO TOR is no better nor worse than any other mmo in this respect.

EDIT: the reason internal testing rarely finds certain issues is that they all know how the fight is "supposed" to go. It's a mental blinder that is very hard to overcome no matter how dedicated. An external tester or player on the other hand has to "experiment" a bit to find a working strat, that strat is not always the one the dev's intended.
The only thing that should impact a players success/failure in pvpplayervsplayeris his/her skill not what they are wearing. Otherwise call it GvG gear vs gear, crunch the #'s in a calc, face-roll your keyboard, and go watch TV.polls by pauloleson