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Ya.... it really isn't more respectable. You can keep telling yourself that, but there's a reason Irae just did 8 man nightmare and then rerolled. Some people enjoy 16 man more, and that's great. None of these fights are super "fun." Most of it is just dealing with buggy and broken mechanics. Let's not treat SOA like it's HLK.

You don't know what you're talking about...Irae did "Nightmare" when it was glitched, and turning it to Nightmare actually just turned it to Normal that dropped Nightmare gear...hence in the patch notes for 1.0.2 where it says "Setting the difficulty to Nightmare spawns Nightmare difficulty enemies." They exploited LFR in WoW and got banned, just recently, so don't act like they are above exploits...Please do your research before you act extremely cocky....Also, HLK wasn't that hard..if you'd done Nax in the day or Heroic Rag more recently, you'd know that.
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