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01.07.2012 , 11:19 AM | #18
World of Warcraft is ----------> that way! Self-entitled cry-baby who was expecting Vanilla mark 2?

And seriously, why should you CARE about what other players are doing in the game, their progression and gear? Why should you care about what progress you're at? Seriously, crying about easy mode being easy - GO DO THE HARD STUFF.

You basically want false-gated progression with RNG mechanics that gives you a 1/500 chance of succeeding, not based on skill or what-not.

You want this game to be a grind, not enjoyable.

And most of want to be a special snowflake, so you can swing your epeen around and call people who arne't underachieving, but simply doing average - noobs, nubs/scrubs and any combination herein.