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The turrets aren't 100% impossible to figure out, my point is that it isn't intuitive, it's poorly designed, and not fun. The number of turrets there are, and the number you're supposed to use should be the same. Pushing basically any button other than left/right shouldn't dismount you. The turrets should be positioned in such a way as to facilitate the right way of doing it, not make it more of a pain. You shouldn't lose all control over firing. I could go on for another couple minutes.

As I've said previously, the winning formula seems to be a small percentage of the group needs to use the vehicle (which has an interface designed to make it clear and easy to use) to accomplish a specific task, while the rest of the group can continue to do the jobs they're accustomed to. This eliminates the feeling of "I am being FORCED to do this thing I don't want to do", because somebody else could use the vehicle if you're just really not feeling it that day.
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