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The damage done and the health of the boss, proportional to the number of players and the Tionese/Columni gear most guilds are walking into 16 man HM with makes it significantly more challenging. Not to mention it's harder to coordinate more people, in and out of raid, and the incentive is that the harder it is, the more respectable and fun it is to do. Also, it doesn't at all favor 16 man in Hardmode, as they are reducing the number of lightning balls that spawn because it is so ridiculous. Patch notes 1.1.
Ya.... it really isn't more respectable. You can keep telling yourself that, but there's a reason Irae just did 8 man nightmare and then rerolled. Some people enjoy 16 man more, and that's great. None of these fights are super "fun." Most of it is just dealing with buggy and broken mechanics. Let's not treat SOA like it's HLK.