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01.07.2012 , 10:53 AM | #339
So a while back I stopped playing my JK. This hood issue ruined it for me. I only do the daily space missions, which are btw over rewarded (My JK only finished Taris, no bonus quests whatsoever, and is LV28)

I started a trooper instead. Now that is what it should be like! Whoever designed JK did the worst job by far. Trooper is fun, you can rp, all aspects of it are like I expected and even better.
The gear looks just right, You slowly progress towards epic and is fun, companions can all wear heavy armor so you can get that army feel and uniformity, its just all right.

JK literally sucks. In every way possible. Sad, because that is what I bought the game for. Trooper is as epic as the trailers show you, Jedi is just a joke. A sick bad joke.

My trooper has serious power compared to the JK, who often struggles with story bosses. My trooper can beat ACT 1 at LVL 28! My Jedi needed help at LVL 32.

So to sum it up:

JK gameplay sucks
JK story is weak, or is it just the dumb hood and butt?
JK looks dumb
JK cant roleplay
JK is seriously underpowered is both PVE and PVP (latter is just a poor excuse for a class)


This should be the most iconic class! FIX IT!!