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So this is a list of what I know so far about Daily Quests at 50, that reward Daily Commendations, which you can buy Epic lvl 51 Armoring, Hilts, Earpieces and Implants for:

Ilum: (8 Commendations Daily)

Jam the Transmissions
Pilot Down
Icy Destruction
A Fair Fight
Crystal Clear
[Heroic 2+] Darkness on Ilum

Belsavis: (17 Commendations Daily)

Emergent Medicine
Strenghtening The Chain
Restraining the Darkness
Prison Repairs
Unheard Frequencies
Sleeping Rakata
Containing The Best
[Heroic 2+] A Lesson Learned
[Heroic 4] The Stasis Generator
[Heroic 4] Open Communications

Information about Dailies:

Some of them requires you to do the Bonus missions and the normal Questlines for the planet to unlock the dailies, I recommend doing this as soon as possible, as the drops, credits and rewards are well worth it at our current gearlevel.

Its also important to note you cannot start Belsavis Bonus series until you finish your class quest.
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