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Yeah █BERS was really fun as rogue.

Heroics are cake walk if you are SORC, and very easy to find groups if you choose a good server (reroll?)

Doing PUGS is pretty funny since you end up with clueless noobs who uses 1-3 abilities on their hotbar and seems oblivious to the importance, of CC, stuns, kite, Aggroswitching..

And the buttloads of Marauders who think they are TANKS and jumps into the middle of 3-4 elites (with one champion pat,..) lol y u no heal? And people tanking as sins....and actually getting hit...***-

PULL THE F***K BACK! Don't stand and fight in the middle of the room and get knockbacked into other mobs. Move out of the AOE etc. Clear DOTS

And PEOPLE work on your rotations...

I think the difficulty is pretty good for the average pug.
^^ this. people need to get better, not have the content nerfed. personally i have yet to see a heroic area that required all 3 pieces of the holy trinity. the majority of them i have done with 4 dps.